Planning Permit Search & Development Application Filters & Alerts

Check local approved and rejected permits/DA's to get a feel for what's going on in the vicinity. Use our permit/DA filters to filter by keywords such as 'subdivision' and 'multi-level' to see what local council has approved nearby. View our coverage map today to see if we show permits/DAs in your area.

Filter By The Following Criteria

    Approved, pending, rejected or other

    Date received range

    Outcome date range


Alerts Can Be Set Up By The Following Criteria

    Area - up to 1000m from subject property

    Area - entire suburb

    Filter by keyword

    Choose the frequency you would like to receive the alerts.

How to view and filter planning permit information

Watch the video or follow the step-by-step instructions to find out how to view and filter planning permit information (development applications) in Landchecker.

Planning permit information is notoriously challenging to access, as each local council has its own way of sharing and displaying this information. Landchecker brings all this permit information into one place making it significantly faster and easier to access.

1. Turn on the planning permit layer

Click on the clipboard icon in the menu on the left side of your screen. Select ‘Planning Permits’.

2. Hover over a property to view the planning permit information

The most recent permit is visualised with a traffic light system. Green for approved, orange for pending and red for rejected.

Hover over a property to view information on the permit. If there are historic permits on the property, you will see a link to View More.

3. Apply filters to find the relevant permit information

You can choose to filter the data by the date the permit application was received or the outcome date.

There are a number of different uses for this information depending on your industry. A Real Estate Agent may use this information to look for listings opportunities. An Architect or Town Planner may use the filters to look for planning permit precedents.

Permit & Development Application Filtering

Permit and Development Application (DA) filtering plays a pivotal role in the Australian property and construction landscape, offering significant advantages to professionals, property developers, and regulatory authorities.

Navigating the complex web of local regulations and planning requirements is essential for successful property development. Permit and DA filtering tools are tailored to the unique regulatory environment in different states and territories, such as New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and others.

Types of Permit & Development Applications

Common types of Permits/Development Applications include residential applications for new homes or extensions, commercial applications for businesses and retail spaces, industrial applications for manufacturing or warehouse facilities, and mixed-use developments combining residential, commercial, or industrial uses.

The application process typically involves several steps:

    Pre-Application Consultation: Engaging with local authorities to discuss the proposal and obtain initial feedback.

    Submission: Providing detailed plans, environmental assessments, and other required documentation.

    Public Notification: Informing the community about the proposal, allowing for objections or support.

    Assessment: The local planning authority reviews the application against relevant planning policies, guidelines, and community feedback.

    Decision: The authority approves, modifies, or rejects the application, often with conditions attached.

    Post-Approval: Complying with any conditions and obtaining necessary permits before construction begins.

This structured process ensures developments align with community standards and regulations.

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Planning Permit Search & Development ApplicationsPlanning Permit Search & Development Applications

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