Our story

Property is the biggest contributor to GDP in Australia, totalling more than $200 billion every year. And yet, the data required to make critical investment decisions is scattered around countless websites and databases, varying by state.

Landchecker was founded in 2015 by a group of Melbourne-based property professionals, frustrated by the time-consuming process of gathering and analysing property information.

Today, Landchecker provides an all-in-one source of property information together with data analysis tools to help professionals and homeowners make informed decisions, faster.

Landchecker is privately owned, with well known investors such as RACV.

Currently available in Victoria and New South Wales. Queensland coming soon.

Our team

Ed Farquharson

Co-Founder and Director

Will Leaf

Co-Founder and Director

Toby Ewert

Co-Founder and Director

Adam Gandolfo

Chief Executive Officer

James Leaf

Chief Commercial Officer

Georgie Edgerton

Operations Manager

Toni Stenhouse

Marketing Manager

Nicolette Provis

Product Designer

Rupert de Guzman

Technical Lead

Christoph Achsenick

Software Engineer

Andrew Connelly

Software Engineer

Alwy Christyo

Software Engineer

Reliable and up-to-date

The data displayed in Landchecker is provided from hundreds of trusted sources including state government, local councils and partners. It’s monitored and refreshed daily to match the source data.

Landchecker is currently available in Victoria and New South Wales, with Queensland coming soon.

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