Site Finder

Discover sites with untapped development potential or similar properties for comparison to your subject property using the powerful Site Finder tool.

Identify the number of sites in a state, suburb, or municipality. Search many areas in a single search. Use search filters, such as land size, zones, overlays and more, to narrow down an entire state to a handful of suitable sites in seconds. Alternatively, exclude property attributes that you don’t want to see.

Save your search or export your results into a project where you can then add notes to the project and properties within, upload documents and share to collaborate across your team.

Site Finder makes the complex task of finding a specific site, simple and easy, with the use of property data and filters to limit the pool size to sites that matter most to you.

Search The Following Criteria

    By single or multiple localities, postcodes and/or municipalities.

    By land size range

    Include properties within a zone

    Include properties within an overlay

    Exclude properties with an overlay


    Frontage range

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Property Site Finder Tool | Advanced Search| LandcheckerProperty Site Finder Tool | Advanced Search| Landchecker

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