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Property report includes: Planning zone and planning restrictions, land size, land dimensions, sales history, nearby approved planning permits, burglary statistics and more.
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Property reports are currently available in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia, with Western Australia coming soon.
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What is a property report?

A free property report provides you with a quick summary of property and planning information on a selected property. It is an easy-to-read PDF document that arms you with the essentials you need to know about that property.

How do you access a property report?

This is a free report that is accessible through your state government planning website or through authorised providers. Landchecker provides a free property report to all customers within a seamless map-based experience.

What does a free property report include exactly?

While a property report generally provides the same essential information whichever way you access it, here is the the precise breakdown of what’s included on a property report provided by Landchecker:



Lot/Plan number or Crown Description SPI (Standard Parcel Identifier)

Local Government/Council property number

Floor area

Roof and floor materials

Unit (type and number of amenities)

Year built

Property sales history


Legislative Council and Assembly


Postcode average

Council average

State average


Contact details


Map overview of zones in the vicinity

Links to relevant schedules and zones


Map showing planning overlays in the vicinity

Links to relevant overlays and schedules


Map showing other overlays in the vicinity

Eg. Heritage overlay, environmental overlay, parking overlay

Why do consumers need a property report?

Whether you’re considering buying a property or looking to sell your home, you’ll want to have a property report on hand. It’s the one, reliable document that summarises the essential and relevant information about your subject property.

Property consumers these days are astute- they are engaged in market trends, savvy in determining property value, and keen to develop deeper insights that will help inform their decision-making when it comes to the biggest investment of their lives. At the very least, home buyers and owners today want to feel they are empowered with the right information at their fingertips.

For prospective buyers, a property report arms you with data sets you’ll need as a reference point when evaluating and comparing properties of interest. Getting a good gauge on property value helps clarify how much you’ll need to borrow before you make your big commitment. And a glance at the sales history of your property of interest gives you a good idea of how many times the property has been put on market and sold in recent years, and how much it has increased in value over that time. Burglary statistics are also useful in determining factors like insurance and safety of the neighbourhood.

For homeowners, it’s wise to be across key details about your property for your own knowledge and due diligence. Those considering developing, renovating or extending their home would want to check the relevant planning zones or heritage overlays that are outlined in the property report.

For those looking to sell, a property report outlines key details and attributes of your home, and also gives an idea of potential setbacks for future planning purposes that might affect interest in it.

Before you action the significant next stage of your property journey - even before you engage your selected property professionals to help you with that stage- you can equip yourself with a staple summary of your subject property simply by downloading an easy-to-read PDF property report.

Why through Landchecker?

Landchecker pulls together all the important data so that you don’t have to. The property report is a free summary of your subject property, distilled from the data you can visually ingest through the application’s map-view.

So, instead of spending time gathering information from various sources  and conducting your own research, simply download a PDF property report through Landchecker, and you’ll have your fundamental property information summarised for you.

Apart from it being free, this handy document is also seamless to access through Landchecker’s on-map application, and made instantly available to you. No wait time, no hassle.

Can I get a property report for any property in Australia?

Through Landchecker, you can download a property report for any property within coverage. Landchecker is proud to have expanded its coverage nationwide - customers can view property details for every property in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and now Western Australia.

For a small fee you can you can upgrade to a premium property report that unlocks additional attributes and data: land size, frontage, orientation, school information, recent planning scheme amendments, proposed planning scheme amendments, aerial imagery, comparable sales, planning permit history as well as nearby planning permits as well as elevation and digitised easements.