Property Reports

What is a free property report?

A free property report (or planning property report) provides you with a quick summary of property and planning information on any selected property in Australia. It is an easy-to-read PDF document that arms you with the essentials you need to know about that property.

How do you access a free property report?

This is a free report that is similar to the report accessible through your state government planning website. Landchecker provides this free report to all customers on a free starter member plan.

What does a free property report include exactly?

A free property report gives the following information about your subject property:

    Lot number SPI (Standard Parcel Identifier)

    Council property number

    Property sales history

    Burglary statistics

    Planning zones and land boundaries

    Planning overlays

    Planning overlays in the vicinity

    Cultural Heritage Sensitivity information

    Bushfire area check

Premium Property Reports

What is a Premium Property Report?

Landchecker’s Premium Property Report gives you a comprehensive summary of your subject property. Apart from the details provided in the free report, the Premium Property Report gives you information about planning permits and planning schemes affecting your subject property.

What does a Premium Property Report include exactly?

Apart from the basics in the free report, the Premium Property Report also includes:

    Detailed planning permit history where available.

    Approved, pending and rejected planning permits in the vicinity.

    Recent and proposed planning scheme amendments.

Customers on the Advanced plan can make the most of our customisation functionality

Advanced customers have the ability to create their own branded premium report covers. Choose from three designs, two for residential properties and one for industrial properties. From here you can edit the logo, brand and text colour as well as fields such as report title and subtitle, prepared by name, email, phone number and profile picture and other details.

Why else do professionals choose Premium?

Not only does Landchecker’s Premium Property Report pull together comprehensive datasets for your property, it can also be branded with your company logo. You can impress your clients, team members or property stakeholders with a customised accurate and easy to read PDF that is produced seamlessly through Landchecker building your authority in market.

Who has access to a Premium Property Report?

Landchecker customers who sign up to a Professional Plan have access to 15 Premium Property Reports per month. A Professional Plus Plan takes it to the next level and entitles customers to unlimited Premium Property Report downloads.

How much is a Premium Property Report?

Professional customers can purchase a Premium Property Report for $24.90 (inc. GST). Customers who are connected to their business or team’s Professional Plus Plan can download an unlimited amount of Premium Property Reports for free.

How do you access/ purchase/ download a Premium Property Report?

Professional customers can get their comprehensive report seamlessly through the Landchecker application through one of two ways:

On map: Either click on your subject property on the map or enter the address into the search bar. In the information panel that opens on the side, click “View Report”.


Via the For Homeowners page: Click the For Homeowners link, which is located in the navigation bar at the top of the app. This takes you to the Property Reports page.

You will be directed to a new screen where you just need to enter your property address to “Get Report”.

Simply select “Customise PDF” if you wish omit certain sections of the report.

How can the Premium Property Report be used?

In short, this is your primary document for understanding and communicating comprehensive planning and property details associated with your subject property.

Data is distilled directly from your map view, so you can use it as a written summary of your property search result.

See below examples of how different property professionals might use the Premium Property Report:


    Transfer data directly to your valuation report

    Vital and comprehensive data informs property assessment

    Permit and planning datasets help determine property’s worth

    Quick, seamless access and ready for professional distribution to financial and legal institutions.

    Low work output; streamlines the valuation process so you can conduct more valuations

Real Estate Agents

    Quick and easy-to-read, comprehensive property summary, downloadable in seconds.

    Slick presentation for ready distribution to prospective buyers

    Gives insight into local market trends and permit activity that will be of interest and inform prospective buyers

    Comparable sales data highlights potential new listings similar to your subject property

    Add to your professional portfolio

Architects and Planners

    Comprehensive document that sums up key, relevant planning information associated with subject property

    The property’s permit history information helpful in informing decisions around planning

    The status of local permits similar to your subject property is helpful to know when applying for council approval

    Going through one source for all relevant data saves time

Legal Professionals

    Comprehensive summary of accurate, reliable and up-to-date data sets

    Used to provide advice to property stakeholders and financial institutions in a timely and efficient manner

    Referred to as a primary document in property settlement proceedings


    Quick and comprehensive summary of all relevant planning and property data associated with your subject property

    Easy to access and download

    Brand with company logo to impress clients

    Add to your portfolio

Are Premium Property Reports available in every state?

Landchecker covers Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia with Australian Capital Territory coming soon. So you can get your Premium Property Report for any property with coverage, through Landchecker.

Head over to our homeowners page to quickly search, view and download property reports.

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