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Property data in one place - for faster, insight-driven decisions

Property Data

Property Data

Premium property reports

Premium property reports

Document searches

Document searches

High resolution aerial imagery

High resolution aerial imagery

Property Data

Research potential sites, faster

Access comprehensive property data to complete your due diligence, all in one place – for faster, insight-driven decisions.

Check a property’s planning controls and planning scheme schedules, permit history, site dimensions, land size, previous sale price, amenities within a 10-minute walk and more.

Premium property reports

Communicate property insights with ease

Download easy-to-read PDF reports branded with your company logo to send to stakeholders. Premium Property Reports contain all the data from the Landchecker Map view, distilled into a simple report. Our property reports arm you with the information you need to make property decisions with confidence. Property reports are available in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland.


Receive a basic property profile containing:

    Lot number

    SPI (Standard Parcel Identifier)

    Council property number

    Property sales history

    Burglary statistics

    Planning zones and land boundaries

    Planning overlays

    Planning overlays in the vicinity

    Cultural Heritage Sensitivity information

    Bushfire area check


Purchase a comprehensive premium property report for $19.90 containing all the information in the basic report, plus:

    Detailed planning permit history where available.

    Approved, pending and rejected planning permits in the vicinity.

    Recent and proposed planning scheme amendments.

    Customise your reports with your companies logo

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Document searches

Enjoy faster searches

Conduct title, instrument and company searches with Landchecker and enjoy a faster, more streamlined process to acquire the documentation you need. Document searches are currently for property professionals in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

Request access to document searches in Victoria or start ordering now for all other states.


    Order any property documents relating to you subject property directly from the Landchecker map.

    Instantly receive titles by email or view documents in the Order Manager.

    Assign a Job Reference to each search for invoicing purposes.

    Assign permissions per user.


    Request all your property documents through Landchecker. Search by address, council number, crown descriptions, lot/plan or SPI.

    Register search statement (Certificate of Title)

      Historical Title search

      Instrument search

      Final search

      Copy of plan

      Company search

High resolution aerial imagery

Conduct site assessments from your desk

See a clear, up-to-date view of properties without leaving your desk, and browse extensive historic aerial imagery to discover changes over time.

Imagery is updated 3-4 times a year in metro areas and is captured by plane, resulting in photographs 6x higher resolution than the best available satellite image.

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