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Before conducting a land title search or a search for other property documents, you might want to know a few things about them.


What is a title and why do you need one?

A land title is the official and legal document that outlines the property’s ownership, as well as any associated instruments, dealings and owners corporation. Because it includes interests and restrictions on the land, it is the most essential document for property stakeholders.

What is a title useful for?

Here are some examples of how a title might be used:

Home Buyers, Investors and Real Estate AgentsResearching prospective properties
Legal Practitioners and ValuersChecking current property ownership
Developers and BuildersDue diligence before actioning project
Planners and ArchitectsPlanning applications

How do you access a title?

A title is a public record that is made available through state land registries in Australia. Before the digital age transformed the way we access information and documents, land titles existed only in paper form, and a title search would be conducted in person at the relevant state land registry. Now, a title search can be conducted by anyone online, subject to a fee, through a select number of authorised providers. Landchecker is one of these providers.

Titles by State: What you need, what you get

See below for each state:

    Name of document

    Details included on title

    Details required to conduct title search through Landchecker (you just need one listed)

In Vic, a Register Search Statement (Title) includes:

    Land description

    Registered proprietor

    Encumbrances, caveats and notices

    Diagram location

    Activity in the last 125 days

    Administrative notices

You can search by:


    Council Number

    Crown Description

    Lot/ Plan


    Volume/ Folio

In NSW, a Title (or Certificate of Title) includes:

    Land description

    Ownership details


You can search by:



    Title Reference

In QLD, a Title includes:

    Land description

    Type of ownership

    Registered owner details and associated dealings

    Easements, encumbrances and interests- all associated registered dealings

    Administrative advices

    Unregistered dealings

You can search by:



In SA, a Title (or Certificate of Title)  includes:

    Land description

    Type of ownership

    Registered proprietor

    Last sale details




You can search by:


How much does it cost to purchase a title through Landchecker?

At Landchecker, we ensure our titles and documents are competitively priced - and easy to purchase -  for our customers’ benefit. Prices vary slightly depending on state. See below.

New South Wales$19.01
South Australia$54.29

Effective from 12 July 2023

Interested in bulk orders?

Landchecker offers competitively priced bulk title and document orders, reach out to our friendly sales team here to discuss your requirements. Simply supply a list of addresses you require titles for - job references and invoice terms are also available.

Searching and Purchasing

How do you search for a title or doc through Landchecker?

There are two ways to do this, and both are simple and seamless within the app:

You can either:

In map view, enter your address into the search bar, or click on the property on the map. Then select the ‘Documents’ tab which appears in the property information panel. And select the relevant document from the list.


Click on the Document Searches tab in the app navigation bar (next to Map tab). Select the state, then search by the dropdown criteria options for that state (eg. address or volume/folio).

How do you purchase a title or doc through Landchecker?

Once you have selected your title / doc (see above steps),  simply add your selected item to your shopping cart, and go to checkout.

How quickly do you get your title or doc once purchased?

It’s made Instantly available to you, so you can download it straight away.

Other Documents

Apart from titles, what other documents can you purchase through Landchecker?

Here is a comprehensive list of all the documents you can purchase through Landchecker. Prices vary depending on state. Document names might vary depending on the state, and some documents are only applicable or available for certain states.

Property Document Searches

Instrument SearchAn Instrument Search will provide an imaged copy of this search which has many types such as transfer, mortgage, agreements, caveat, covenants etc. This document is called an Instrument in Vic Or a Dealing in NSW, QLD and SA
Final SearchThe final search is conducted by the purchaser’s lawyer just before the transfer of property takes place, to check that no unregistered dealings affecting the title have happened during the settlement period Available in Vic only
Title History Search StatementA title history search statement shows the property’s previous owners and registered dealings dating back to the original Crown grantAvailable in Vic only
Title Plan DiagramA title plan diagram is an image that outlines the legal boundaries of a property on the date it was registered. You can purchase a title plan diagram through Landchecker when an imaged plan for a title within the Victorian Land Registry is not available. Available in Vic only
Copy of PlanA plan is the surveyed sketch of a land lot or parcel that shows the original subdivision of this land into separate titles, as well as any easements or restrictions over the land. This document is called a Plan in NSW and QLD Or a Copy of Plan in Vic and SA
Owners Corporation Basic ReportThe owners corporation basic report outlines entitlements, rules and restrictions in relation to owners corporation and the land lot or parcel.Available in Vic only
Land Index SearchThe Land Index Search enables you to order property documents using the owner’s details, the lot/plan, and the volume/ folio. Available in Vic only
Crown InstrumentSimilar to an instrument search but relating to govenment controlled land.Available in Vic only
Crown HistorySimilar to a title history search statement but relating to government controlled land.Available in Vic only
Crown Folio StatementSimilar to a title search statement but relating to government controlled land.Available in Vic only
NSW ADIS DealingNSW Automated Deeds Indexing System Dealing is an instrument that was lodged under the Old SystemAvailable in NSW only
NSW 88BThe NSW 88B is an instrument that sets out the terms of easements or covenants to be created, or restrictions on the use of landAvailable in NSW only

Company Searches

ASIC Certificate of IncorporationA certificate of incorporation is a legal document issued by the Australian government which certifies a company is registered. National
ASIC Historical Company Extract + PPSR ReportAn ASIC historical company extract outlines previous addresses, directors and names of a company, while the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the official government register outlining security interests in the property.National
ASIC Historical Company ExtractAn ASIC historical company extract outlines previous addresses/directors/ names of a companyNational
ASIC Current Company ExtractAn ASIC current company extract is a document containing all of the current information about a company (including shareholders and officeholders).National
ASIC Current Company Extract + PPSR ReportAn ASIC current company extract is a document containing all of the current information about a company (including shareholders and officeholders), while the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the official government register outlining security interests in the property.National
ASIC Relational ExtractThis ASIC extract provides information on a company’s relationship with other companiesNational

Designed For Businesses

    Order any property documents relating to you subject property directly from the Landchecker map.

    Instantly receive titles by email or view documents in the Order Manager.

    Assign a Job Reference to each search for invoicing purposes.

    Assign permissions per user.

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