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Conduct title, instrument or dealing and company searches with Landchecker and enjoy a faster, more streamlined process to acquire the documentation you need. Search by address, council number, crown descriptions, lot/plan or SPI. Document searches are currently for property professionals in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

Request access to document searches in Victoria or start ordering now for all other states.


    Order any property documents relating to you subject property directly from the Landchecker map.

    Instantly receive titles by email or view documents in the Order Manager.

    Assign a Job Reference to each search for invoicing purposes.

    Assign permissions per user.

Property Documents Available in Victoria

    Register search statement (Certificate of Title)

    Copy of Plan

    Instrument Document

    Instrument Search

    Final Search Statement

    Title History Search Statement

    Crown Instrument

    Crown History

    Crown Folio Statement

    Title Plan Diagram

    Owners Corporation Basic Report

    Owners Corporation Premium Report

    Victorian EPA

Property Documents Available in New South Wales

    NSW Title

    NSW Plan

    NSW 88b


    NSW Dealing

Property Documents Available in Queensland

    Qld Title

    Qld Plan

    Qld Dealing

Property Documents Available in South Australia

    SA Title

    SA Plan

    SA Dealing

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