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Check the 25km around your home – Melbourne Covid-19 restrictions

October 19, 2020. In light of the reduced Covid-19 restrictions in Melbourne, check the 25km radius around your home or permitted workplace using Landch. . .

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New Distance-To tool. View amenities within a 10-minute walk, bike or drive

August 10, 2020. Do you want to know what amenities are within a 10-minute walk from a property? Or a 20-minute drive? The new Distance-To tool in L. . .

A 5km radius around a home in Melbourne

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Check the 5km radius around your home – Stage 4 restrictions

August 3, 2020. In light of the enhanced Stage 4 Melbourne restrictions stating you must stay within 5km of your home, the Landchecker team was up early. . .

3D buildings in Melbourne

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New 3D Building View helps professionals to conduct desktop assessments

July 8 2020. The latest version of Landchecker Professional includes the option to view buildings in 3D. When used in conjunction with High-Resolution A. . .

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New Site Finder export

June 15, 2020. One of Landchecker’s most powerful tools has just been enhanced. Site Finder narrows down an entire suburb to a handful of sites us. . .

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The next evolution of Landchecker has arrived

May 18, 2020. Landchecker is pleased to announce its next evolution with the release of Landchecker Professional and Landchecker Essentials, two new produc. . .

Aerometex aerial imagery shown in Landchecker

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Landchecker partner with Aerometrex

February 3, 2020. We’re pleased to announce we are partnering with Aerometrex Limited to provide high-resolution aerial imagery to Landchecker customers.  . . .

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Easement data has arrived 

November 19, 2019. Victorian easement information is now available in the Landchecker map and Premium Property Reports. An easement is the right to cro. . .

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PropTech platform Surga Central integrates with Landchecker

November 4, 2019. Commercial PropTech platform Surga Central has announced the availability of an integration feed with Landchecker.  Commercial agencies us. . .

Example titles document

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Conduct document searches in Landchecker and save time

September 10, 2019. Landchecker makes land and property information accessible, bringing all the essential information into one place to speed up the du. . .

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Kogan leads funding round for Landchecker

July 8, 2019. Australian retail entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan has led a $3.5 million funding round for online property platform Landchecker. The Kogan.. . .