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Legal professionals use Landchecker as their go-to source for all things property. From completing contract reviews to de-risking the settlement process to assessing a subject property for illegal structures, the Landchecker platform aggregates the data required in one easy-to-use map-view experience. Whether gaining insights or conducting due diligence, savvy legal professionals use Landchecker to make the best property decisions, faster.

“Our team of conveyancers uses Landchecker every day, in detail. We reference property data sourced from Landchecker in our team meetings, and rely on it in our contract reviews for both sales and purchases. Landchecker enables us to check contract details against accurate data sets and high-res images of the subject property, so that we feel confident advising our clients with the most comprehensive information throughout their settlement process.”

Mary Commisso, Director, Indeed convey

High resolution aerial imagery
Title and document search
Permits and Development  Applications
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