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South Australia is now available on Landchecker

The Landchecker team is pleased to announce the release of South Australia within the Landchecker application. Members can now access functionality across every property in South Australia – including access to due diligence, comparable sales, planning permits and common layers – all on the application’s interactive map layout. Extensive high resolution aerial imagery coverage across the South Australian region further enhances the Landchecker experience.

Landchecker CEO, Adam Gandolfo, stated, “We’ve got plenty of national companies on board Landchecker that have offices in South Australia. This [expansion] will be great for those customers who are based in South Australia, as well as those who have a vested interest in pursuing property investments or building projects across the border – especially given the travel restrictions impacting us all in this unpredictable climate.”

Will Leaf, Co-Founder and Director at Landchecker, stated: “On a national level, the South Australian housing market continues to add value. We want to make sure our customers tap into residential opportunities in the hidden-gem suburbs of the wine state. And we’re pleased that we can now equip them with data-driven property insights to help them unlock that potential.”

To experience the complete Landchecker application, including South Australia, please click here to view our plans.