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Residential comparable sales are now available on Landchecker

Landchecker has released the comparable sales on-map functionality designed to enhance the property search experience for its customers. Professionals and homeowners can now view properties of interest against other similar properties in the area on our intuitive, interactive map layout.

Company CEO Adam Gandolfo says the main benefit of this new function is that “now the data can be seen in context”.

“Comparable sales information could already be accessed in our premium property reports, but this next iteration gives ownership to our customers, who can now determine the criteria for their search,” Gandolfo explains. “And it’s just a cool way to check out the local market value and compare house prices in the neighbourhood”, he adds.

Whether you’re a property developer researching a site acquisition, a real estate agent examining the residential market, a valuer seeking up-to-date data, or a homeowner looking to buy or sell, Landchecker’s on-map function enables you to identify, explore and evaluate residential properties and their attributes within a prescribed price bracket.

To experience the complete Landchecker application, including residential comparable sales on the map, please click here to view our plans.