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Project sharing is now available on Landchecker

Landchecker is pleased to release the next iteration of the projects functionality: customers can now ‘share’ their projects with other Landchecker members. Our new collaborative function gives creative control to the team owner, and enables other team members to edit the project they have been invited to view. It means seamless access to up-to-date data on a property of interest for all relevant parties, as well as the ability to contribute to this data. Most importantly, the additional share function creates an authentic, collective experience for those working on a project together.

Will Leaf, Co-Founder and Director at Landchecker states: “We are excited to facilitate collaborative projects – that’s what we’re all about at Landchecker. We want to make this app useful for our customers. We also know that it takes a team to make important property decisions, and this process needs to be supported effectively by our app.”

The share tool gives team members access to all relevant documents and data for the subject property, in turn eliminating the need for time-consuming research or multiple avenues of communication outside of the Landchecker application. Because at Landchecker, we know that property projects succeed when everyone’s on the same page.

To experience the complete Landchecker application, including project sharing, please click here to view our plans.