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Landchecker partner with location-based intelligence platform GapMaps

We are pleased to announce a partnership between location-based intelligence platform GapMaps and property information software, Landchecker.

GapMaps works with some of the world’s most recognisable brands in industries spanning retail, hospitality, childcare, healthcare and property development. Its powerful software tools allow their customers to interpret thousands of data sets on a map-based search experience, providing macro-economic insights and trends to assist with decisions such as network strategy and location footprint planning.

On the partnership, GapMaps Managing Director and Founder, Anthony Villanti commented, “Our clients are major businesses such as McDonald’s or Ampol. More than ever, the leaders in these businesses require GapMaps location intel to make fact-based decisions on important matters such as site selection and capital allocation.”

Anthony continued, “Many of our customers have direct property interests or exposures; they ultimately require detailed and accurate site-specific information. This is where Landchecker is highly relevant. An ability for our customers to conduct due diligence on a subject property represents the next level of insight which is highly complementary to the GapMaps experience.”

Founder and Director of Landchecker, Will Leaf commented, “We have really enjoyed getting to know Anthony and the GapMaps team over recent months and are excited by today’s announcement. As an architect and property developer myself, I understand how important it is to have a complete picture of what is happening in the market, to ensure the process from design through to product meets the prevailing end-customer demand profile. In a low yield environment, having confidence in these decisions from the outset can mean the difference between making a healthy return or a loss on a new project.”

CEO of Landchecker, Adam Gandolfo continued, “We see a very compelling use case for our customers to realise value by utilising GapMaps and Landchecker together. We are really looking forward to working closely with Anthony and his team and sharing some of these developments with our customers in the weeks and months ahead.”