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Landchecker partner with 3D design platform Giraffe

Today we are announcing a new partnership with 3D design and feasibility platform, Giraffe.

Giraffe encourages data-driven and collaborative design, allowing property developers and designers to build 3D models and conduct site feasibility studies at the speed of conversation.

A developer can create an initial 3D concept in minutes and instantly see rough metrics like FSR, yield, and approximate build cost. The model can then be shared through the platform with other consultants and stakeholders for further review and iterations.

Giraffe CEO Rob Asher comments, “there is so much inefficiency in the property industry, particularly when professionals are trying to make data-driven decisions and collaborate with multiple consultants in the built environment. We aim to help clients and consultants with a platform that greatly improves efficiencies through aggregated data, intuitive 3D drawing tools & cloud-based collaboration.”

Landchecker CEO Adam Gandolfo agrees, adding, “this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies who share the common goal of enabling professionals to work more efficiently and make informed property decisions. We look forward to working closely together and introducing an offer in 2021 for our shared customers.”

Request a demo of Giraffe to find out how you can create intial 3D concepts in minutes.