Product Help

A quick overview of Site Finder

1. In map view, hover over the layers menu on the left-hand side and click on Site Finder

2. In the side panel that opens on the left, filter your search by selecting your state in the drop-down menu.

3. Then adjust the toggle to green next to each layer you wish to apply


a) Turn on the Suburbs layer to enter the suburb(s) you wish to include in your search, and view the shaded area on your map.

b) Turn on the Land Size filter. Set the minimum and maximum size for your site search in square metres, acres or hectares, and view the highlighted properties on your map.

c) Turn on the Planning Zones filter and select planning zones from the drop-down menu. View the highlighted properties on your map.

d) Turn on the Planning Overlays filter to show properties with or without your selected planning overlays. View the highlighted properties on the map.

e) Turn on the Orientation filter to view properties with your preferred orientation(s).

f) Turn on Frontage filter to set your minimum and maximum frontage in metres for your property search. View the highlighted properties on your map.

4. You can Save Search, and then view your saved searches under the My Searches tab.

5. You can also Export your site finder results as CSV, XLS or KML.