The four best tools for Property Developers in 2020

New tools and technologies are being released all the time to aid and assist with property development. Now, more than ever, Property Developers can gain the support and knowledge they need to succeed, using easy-to-use online resources.

Real estate is a competitive market, and the more tools and information you have at your disposal, the more you will have a competitive advantage.

Here are our top four online tools to enable you to work more efficiently and become more informed.

Online project management software

Online project management tools are the best way to collaborate with multiple users in real-time. For property development, it makes it easier to collaborate on projects with architects, interior designers and even clients.

Popular cloud project management software like Smartsheet, or Asana allows projects to be streamlined from beginning to end. Communication on deadlines and project progress is made easier, particularly when there are many moving parts.


Landchecker allows you to find on-market and off-market properties, and do your property due diligence all in the one place. Landchecker is a fully interactive tool which allows you to:

Find off-market properties using search criteria such as street frontage length and planning zone

    Check zoning maps

    Check planning permit applications

    Gain access to historic sales data

    Check heritage overlays

    Check flood zones

    See property boundaries and site dimensions


Caseview is a website which allows you to search for property-related decisions of courts and tribunals. It can be extremely helpful for Property Developers when you need to know the status of a legal case relevant to a property or building.

Caseview features a helpful map-based interface, which makes it simple to identify decisions affecting a local area.

High-resolution aerial maps

As technology progresses, high-resolution aerial imagery is becoming incredibly powerful. For many Property Developers it’s an essential tool to search for potential development sites and see how suburbs are changing over time.

Aerial imagery tools also include measuring and drawing tools, so you can accurately measure distances on the map without having to visit the location. It then allows you to save and export high-resolution imagery for use in marketing material.

High-resolution aerial imagery is available in Landchecker, with the added advantage of being able to check additional property information such as boundaries, zones and permits in the same place.

These tools can give you the resources and the confidence you need to perform as a Property Developer to the best of your abilities.