Planning controls & planning permits

Discover the essential information you need to make property decisions with confidence. Landchecker displays data from hundreds of sources in a single view, so you can complete your property research in one place. Use the map view to see the big picture or look up individual properties by address.

Home with new development next door
  • View land zoning maps to uncover the permitted land use of a property or area.
  • Learn what each planning zone is and how it will impact you. For example, the difference between a General residential zone versus a Residential growth zone. 


  • Quickly look up if planning restrictions or overlays impact a property.
  • Planning controls are comprehensive, including flooding and erosion risks, heritage overlays and areas where there must be a provision for parking spaces.
  • Check the status of planning permits.
  • Identify if the permit is Approved, Pending or Rejected. 
  • Filter planning permits based on date.
  • View historical planning permits on a given property.

Conduct advanced checks on a property such as: 

  • Is it in an area of Cultural Heritage Sensitivity? 
  • Is the land or property in a bushfire zone?
  • Is your property in a low, medium or high-risk area for burglaries?