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We designed Landchecker to be a useful tool for everyone working in, or interested in property. The following will give you a deeper look at some of the powerful features that allow our users get a quick, robust and up to date understanding of the factors affecting a site they are interested in.


Matchmaker connects both buyers and sellers with off-market opportunities across the entire Victoria region. Matchmaker allows you to identify off-market properties which match your search parameters. To find a match, you can head to “Advanced search” and enter the minimum and maximum land size parameters alongside the suburbs of interest to you, multiple suburbs can be identified in the one search.

You can search by planning zones, planning overlays, orientation and minimum frontage. Once you have entered your search parameters Matchmaker will provide a list of all property sites which match your specifications.

“My properties” section allows homeowners to list their address and be matched with buyers searching for similar properties – bringing interested buyers directly to you. Your property will be displayed with all planning information and a downloadable property report for potential buyers to access.

Once you have listed your property address Matchmaker will identify people whose search parameters match your property, it will notify you of these matches and your property will also appear in their search, you can then reach out to potential buyers and they can reach out to you, removing large amounts of the stress and time associated with selling property.