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Planning permit database online

Planning Permits

Find new listing opportunities before anyone else 

Find out about new developments and subdivisions as soon as the planning permit is submitted. 

View a consolidated planning permit database, and apply filters to bring listing opportunities to the surface.

Property Information

Get the property information you need, all in one place

Gather information to promote your listing, such as land size, planning zone, public transport options and amenities within a 10-minute walk, bike, or drive. 

You can also measure areas of interest, or check the previous sale price, all in one place.

Planning scheme online with land size and sales history

High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Showcase a listing from above to offer a different perspective 

Export a high-resolution aerial photograph of a property. This is a great way to showcase how a property is situated within a site or the proximity to services.

Imagery is updated 3-4 times a year in metro areas and is captured from a plane, resulting in photographs 6x higher resolution than the best available satellite image.

Title and Document Searches

Seamlessly search for documents

Access competitively priced Title, Plan, Instrument and Company Searches directly from the Landchecker Map. 

Easily manage team member permissions and view previously searched documents.

Title, company and document searches in Landchecker
Property Report example

Premium Property Reports

Build buyer confidence with an easy-to-read report

As a trusted advisor, distribute a comprehensive, easy to read property report to prospective buyers branded with your company logo.  

Property Reports contain all the information from the Landchecker map view, refined into a simple report.

Site Finder Search

Discover the potential in each suburb

Apply advanced search filters to every site in a suburb, narrowing down thousands of properties to a handful of relevant sites in seconds.

Find suitable sites for clients, locate similar properties for under-bidders or prospect for properties with development potential.

Site finder search, find all properties in a given suburb

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