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Property Information

Get all the property information you need in one place  

Access comprehensive and reliable property information, including planning maps and links to the relevant planning scheme schedules, previous sale prices, land size, nearby amenities and more. 

Measure distance and area with intuitive tools. 

Planning Permits

View consolidated planning permit information 

View approved, pending and rejected planning permit information across Victoria and New South Wales, updated daily. 

Apply date and status filters to synthesise search results.

High-resolution aerial image of Sydney harbor

High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Conduct site assessments from your desk 

See a clear, up-to-date view of properties from above and browse extensive historic aerial imagery to discover changes over time. Export high-resolution photographs to use in reports.

Imagery is updated 3-4 times a year in metro areas and is captured from a plane, resulting in photographs 6x higher resolution than the best available satellite image.

Premium Property Reports

Share property information with stakeholders

Download easy-to-read PDF reports branded with your company logo to send to stakeholders. 

Premium Property Reports contain all the information from the Landchecker map view, refined into a simple report.

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Title and Document Searches

Seamlessly search for documents

Access competitively priced Title, Plan, Instrument and Company searches directly from the Landchecker Map. 

Easily manage team member permissions and view previously searched documents.

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