Product Help
Five tips to get the most out of Landchecker Essentials

Toggle on / off map layers

Use the five buttons on the left of the screen to control what information is visible in the map.

To give the map more context, click the bottom button to turn on Aerial Imagery.

Hover over planning permits

View recent planning permits in the map. Hover over a permit to view the details.

View planning scheme schedules

Click a site to view the Planning Information specific to that property.

Click the ‘i’ beside the Planning Information to view the relevant planning scheme schedule.

Measure any shape

Using the star-shaped measuring tool, click the corners of the shape to view the dimensions.

Double click to finish the measurement and display the total area.

Conduct Company Searches

Along with Title Searches, did you know you can also conduct Company Searches?

Click Document Searches in the navigation bar at the top of your screen, and select Company Search.

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